Phoenix Window Shutters

Arizona Shutter is the retail brand of Weaver Quality Shutters. Weaver was founded in 1976 by Merle Weaver. Merle built the fine Weaverreputation over 14 years.In 1992, he did sell the company to the employees. The employees have continued the fine Weaver reputation over the past 20 years.

Phoenix Window Shutters

We, the employee-owners, are able to invest in our future. Our main goal is to constantly change and improve our methods of operations. We were one of the first shutter manufacturers nationwide to use an in-line, base painting process. This and other automated processes allow Weaver to be competitive with Chinese manufacturers, who pay their workers a $1.50 per day.

Customer Service

When you’re not interested in becoming the biggest shutter company, just the best, satisfied customers mean everything. Since every one of our employees is part owner of the company, we take pride and a personal interest in every detail of our work. As a lean manufacturer, we consistently and reliably deliver and install quality shutters for our customers in the shortest amount of time.

Phoenix Window Shutters

We started the soft textured look, which has a light textured finish and is smooth to the touch. Most resellers use imported shutters. Those shutters have a smooth finish only. The machine to the left was developed by Weaver in the 1990’s to create the textured finish.

We were the first to switch to water based paints and stains. We earned the APPLE Award (Arizona Pollution Prevention Leadership Enhancement Award) long before the “green awareness” in 1994.


Our shutters are a perfect match forArizona’s hot, desert climate. Unlike shutter resellers, we control every element of production – how your panels are assembled, how your frames are joined, how your shutters are installed. And we do not use subcontractors. Every shutter we put the Arizona Shutter name on is built carefully by hand, the capable hands of 50 employee–owners who won’t settle for anything less than the very best. Just like Arizona Shutter customers.

Made in Arizona

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Arizona Shutter
An Employee Owned Company
218 S. 15th Street
Phoenix AZ 85034-2303

(602) 267-7000 office

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