Three Main Types of Arizona Shutters

Arizona shutters have a lot of benefits as a window treatment. They’re aesthetically pleasing, private, and energy efficient. You may want to add shutters to just a few windows in your house, or redo every window – whatever you decide, it is important to pick the right type of shutter for your living arrangement.

The right shutter will fit your windows and provide protection from sun and water damage. Here are a few of the most popular options for your Arizona shutters:

Stain shutters

These are some of the most basic shutters on the market. They are finished with a wood stain that can be matched to the color of any room or a contrasting color of your choice. They do not come with UV protection, so they work best in windows that are under awnings or that do not receive the full glare of the sun.

Composite shutters

These heavy shutters are made of high quality wood and connecting parts. They often come in a limited number of colors and are best suited to rectangular windows. However, they are sturdy enough to provide added safety on large windows and glass doors.

Poly shutters

These Arizona shutters are best used in wet areas, such as over the kitchen sink or in the bathroom. They are made of a poly resin which makes them waterproof, weather resistant, and extremely durable.

If you are considering installing custom shutters in your home, visit Arizona Shutter. We are an employee-owned manufacturer of quality shutters that are designed for the hot, dry climate in Phoenix. Call 602.241.2799 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about the Arizona shutters we offer.

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