Types of Chandler Shutters

There are many benefits of installing shutters in your home. Shutters have a timeless appeal that will add style and sophistication to any type of window—large or small. Shutters offer much-needed privacy, as well as protect your furniture from the harsh effects of the Arizona sun. If you are shopping for Chandler shutters, you will most likely be choosing among four primary types of shutters: stained wood, painted wood, composite and poly resin shutters. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of shutter:

Stained Wood

Chandler shutters made of furniture-grade wood, such as American basswood are arguably the most versatile types of shutters manufactured. They can be stained a wide variety of colors and can be installed across a wide bank of windows without sagging. Wood shutters do have a tendency to warp over time, however, so you probably don’t want to install them in rooms that are frequently exposed to moisture. The stain may also fade if it is not UV treated, especially on windows with southern-facing sun exposure.

Painted Wood

Painted wood shutters have the same advantages and disadvantages as stained wood shutters. An added benefit is they are textured to add an element of visual interest to the room.


Composite shutters are an affordable alternative to wood shutters, but they offer their own unique advantages. Chandler shutters made from composite materials will not warp and are highly resistant to mold and mildew. They are heavier, however, and can only be installed on rectangular windows. The colors are usually limited to a few shades.

Poly Resin

Shutters made from poly resin are extremely durable. They are ideal in any room of the house, but especially in the bathroom or kitchen. They can be wiped clean with a soapy wet cloth. Like their composite cousins, the colors are very limited. Call 602.267.7000 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about the Chandler shutters we offer.

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