Poly Shutter Benefits You Can’t Ignore

If you are considering buying new shutters for your home, there are many poly shutter benefits that you simply can’t ignore. Rather than being made of wood like their basewood counterparts, poly shutters are made of solid poly resin, which is waterproof, making these shutters perfect for rooms routinely exposed to moisture. While having furniture grade hardwood shutters adorning your living room windows can be quite beautiful, wood materials aren’t always ideal in bathrooms or near kitchen sinks. In addition to their ability to withstand water exposure, poly shutters are also durable and long lasting. There are many attractive poly shutter benefits that you will enjoy when you purchase window treatments from Arizona Shutter.

Water Beware

Fine woods that are used in the making of heirloom furniture are an excellent choice in shutter materials, but wood can warp when exposed to water no matter how fine it is. The best way to avoid warping and other damage that can occur in kitchen windows or near bath tub areas is to use a poly shutter instead. They resist moisture damage and stay beautiful year after year.

Poly Shutter Longevity

Another advantage to add to your list of poly shutter benefits is the fact that they are durable and long lasting. Resistance to water damage as well as being made from heavier materials makes these shutters a favorite choice among consumers across the nation. Poly shutters are long lasting, water resistant, and beautiful. Arizona Shutter offers an impressive selection of durable and stylish poly shutters that are perfect for high-moisture areas – or any room in the home. Call 602.241.2799 to learn more about the many benefits of poly shutters.

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