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Phoenix Stain ShuttersBasewood
Stain Shutters

Our custom stain shutters are made from American basswood. We use a water based stain which has low VOC emissions. The stain can be color matched to most of your needs. But unfortunately, the Arizona sun is intense. The ultraviolet light will fade the stain color if the shutters are exposed to the sun. Shutters installed will work great and will be a beautiful addition to your home in windows with UV (ultraviolet) protection,or on a non-sun exposure side of your home or under roof awnings.

Phoenix Textured ShuttersBasewood Painted, Textured Shutters

We developed the soft textured shutter over 20 years ago which combines the textured look with a smoother feel. The soft textured look enhances your home with a real wood shutter. Our textured shutters are made from American basswood. We can color match most paint colors.

Composite Shutters

Our composite shutters are made from light weight MDF and finger jointed basswood parts. The louvers are made in Chile from radiatapine. The stiles, rails and frames are made from finger-jointed American basswood. All parts come in a smooth finish. The composite is offered in 3 colors: pure white,swisscoffee and cottage white. The composite shutter is the heaviest of the shutters. The composite shutter is limited to rectangular windows.

Poly Shutters

Our poly shutter is a solid extruded poly resin. They are great in wet areas such as over a kitchen sink or master tub, but they cangiveany window in your home a beautiful view. We fabricate the poly shutters at our Phoenix factory. They come in 2 colors: white and off-white. The poly extrusion is a heavier material than basswood. They are limits on the construction of the shutters for your windows.

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