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Arch Window

Our stained, painted-textured, and poly shutters canbe used in an arch window. The composite line can only be built for rectangular windows. Below are samples side by side of windows built with the sunburst option or the arch panel option.

The sunburst option has a fan look. These make a distinct architecturalstatement. The sunburst works best above eye level. If the sunburst option is at eye level it will be more difficult to look through the fanned louvers. The louvers open manually one at time. The arch panels have horizontal louvers going straight up through the arch portion of the window. This could be a better option. The tilt rod can open all the louvers in the panel at once. Your choice of optionwill come down towhich option appeals to you most aesthetically.

Shutters below are custom built sunbursts.                Shutters below are custom built arch panels.

shutter mountsMounts

The image to the left has 3 types of mounts:

  • Surface mount far left
  • flush mount center
  • recess mount right

shutter surface mountSurface Mount

The frame sits entirely on the wall. Sometimes we have to use a surface mount with a buildout. This brings the frame further out and away from the glass and projects further into your room. Windows with cranks or alarm systems sometimes dictate the use of a build out. Sliding doors handles usually project out to where we have to do use a build out to allow the louvers to open.

Phoenix Arch Window ShuttersStyle of Mounts

Surface and flush mounts can come in different styles. Our salesperson will have samples to show you.

shutter track systemsTrack Systems

We can put the shutters on an overhead track system. The shutters slide back and forth on the overhead track.

Louver Size

Our top 2 lines, stained and textured shutters, can be built with 2 ½, 3 ½, or 4 ½ louvers. The poly and composite shutters come in 3 ½ or 4 ½ louvers. The 4 ½ louvers allow more of the view to come through. But, the 3 ½ louver is the most traditional andthe 2 ½ provides a cottage look. There is no price difference between the louver sizes.

                     Most View                                          Traditional                                      Cottage Look

Flush Mount

The lip of the frame sits on the wall. But, most of the frame wraps into your window. This gives a less protruding effect into your room. But, there has to be enough sill depth to allow the louvers to open and clear the glass. In addition, there cannot be window cranks or levers in your window cavity.

Recess Mount

This is typically used in kitchen sink and master tub applications. The frame sits totally in the window cavity. This allows the frame and shutter to be further away from water, faucets and knobs. The recess mount canenhance the bullnose look in your home. Bullnose drywall has a ½” to ¾” round corners in your windows and other architectural features in your home. The recess mount is mounted to allow the bullnose drywall to be seen.But, there needs to be enough sill depth to allow the louvers to open and clear the glass.

French Door with Latch Handle

We can build a cut out frame to go around your French door latch.

Divider Rails

The arch panel below has a divider rail. There is a solid piece of wood that divides the top louvers from the bottom louvers. Thus, the bottom set of louvers can be closed for privacy. The top set can be open to let in Arizona’s blue skies. The divider rail can be placed at any location. Most of the time it is placed where there is a metal horizontal break or bar in your window. The divider rail is not necessary. Most shutters are built without one.

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