Guide to Shutter Styles

Interior shutters are a beautiful option for homeowners that want to reduce their energy costs while adding privacy to their homes. High quality shutters are extremely durable and will not warp or shrink over time. Shutters can even add an elegant architectural design element to a home and are available in a number of different shutter styles to suit a homeowner’s personal tastes and preferences. Below are just of the few styles of shutters available at Arizona Shutter, an employee-owned shutter manufacturer in Phoenix:

Café Style Shutters

Café style shutters cover just the lower half of a window leaving the upper section open. This style of shutter helps to allow plenty of light to enter a room while providing some privacy. If used in rooms where complete privacy is sometimes necessary, they are often paired with curtains for functional purposes.

Double-Hung Shutters

Double-hung shutters are shutters that cover the entire window but are divided horizontally into two sections. This allows homeowners to open the top or the bottom half independently. By so doing, they combine many of the benefits of both café style and full-height shutter styles. The top can be left open for maximum light or closed for complete privacy.

Full-Height Shutter

Full-height shutters cover the entire expanse of the window. They provide excellent privacy but offer little versatility in light control. The panels must either be completely open or closed. The louvers, however, can be adjusted to maintain some light and temperature control.

There are many other options to consider when choosing shutters for a home. Shutters can be stained or painted, built with or without a midrail, or manufactured with different sized panels. Depending upon a homeowner’s personal design tastes, each of the shutter styles above can make for an attractive and functional option. Call 602-241-2799 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about the many different styles of shutters available at Arizona Shutter.

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