Textured Shutter Benefits

Shutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they also have several levels of finish quality and construction. There are advantages and disadvantages that consumers must consider before making a purchase. At Arizona Shutter, we offer the highest quality textured shutters that provide homeowners with a wide array of benefits. With regard to finish quality, there are three major textured shutter benefits that you might want to think about.

  1. Individualized Style. Textured shutters provide individualized style to the shutters that you install in your home. The finished look can appear sandblasted or distressed to add focal appeal that you might not have as readily with smooth finishes. While there is a certain appeal to having shutters of any kind, but textured varieties can provide more individualized style.

  2. Cleaning Advantages. Another advantage to add to your list of textured shutter benefits includes ease of cleaning. Most shutters wipe down easily with soapy water and a clean cloth, and textured shutters are no exception. Something that textured shutters offer that smooth ones don’t, however, is camouflaging. The addition of texture helps shutters appear cleaner longer.

  3. Durability. The longevity of window coverings depends on the kind of materials that were used to build them. Textured shutters can be made from furniture-grade basswood that is long lasting and versatile.

When you’re in the market for new window coverings, shutters have a timeless appeal that is worth considering. Textured shutter benefits include individualized style, easy cleaning, and durability. Call 602.241.2799 to learn more about these and other textured shutter benefits from the experts at Arizona Shutter.

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