Arizona Hand Crafted ShuttersArizona Shutter makes the following warranty which is limited to the original purchaser of each shutter. The warranty is not transferrable to the next owner.

All of our shutters are warranted against any manufacturing defects or improper installation. Painted shutters have a life time warranty on fastness of finish. Colors that lose original intensity after long exposure to the sun or due to fading is not covered. Any damage due to water which may result from installations in kitchens, baths or windows that are left open during the monsoonseason is not covered.

Stain shutters do not have a warranty on color. The Arizona sun’s ultraviolet light is too intense. In addition, the following are not covered under the warranty: normal wear and tear, any damage or loss caused by abuse, misuse or attempted repair or modifications, installations which become misaligned due to settling of the structure in which they are installed.

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